MGL goes to God’s presence in a special thanksgiving service

What does it take for the soul to temporarily depart the body and for the mind to leave behind the tribulations of the earth and visit its maker in heaven for some moment?

If you are an African movie addict, you may say death but if you were at the Kokomlemle branch of the Victory Bible Church when the Multimedia group gave thanks to God, your answer will be simple – good music.

If you asked me however, I’d say good music mixed with a sermon from an anointed man of God because that was exactly what I witnessed.
First, it was Joy FM’s in-house Pastor, Rev. Ato Aquah who directed the gathering on what it takes to visit the presence of God, likening the act to visiting a king in his palace.

“There are procedures you go through when you are visiting a King in his palace; nobody visits the King in his palace just like that and so it is when you want to visit the presence of God,” he said before leading the gathering into a thanksgiving and worship session.

What should you expect when you enter into the presence of a King? Your guess may not be as good as mine because what followed was and is still beyond description.

If you asked me to attempt a description, I’d say I saw a Multimedia Choir perform at the gates of heaven and just as you will find with all who go before Kings, I also saw the leader and CEO of Team Multimedia, Mr. Kwesi Twum, submit to His King in humility and all who were gathered followed.

The renditions from the Multimedia Choir were many, ranging from African Gospel artists such as Steve Crown to some good foreign music that could make the cripple walk.

Just when the gathering thought they had enjoyed enough of the royal treat, came the famed Chief Servant of the King in the person of Bishop James Saah of Action Chapel International.

His task was simple – gave the staff gathered a reason to be thankful and further breakdown the purpose of thanksgiving.

Quoting a host of scriptures, Bishop Saah asserted: “If you prefix all your prayers with thanksgiving, it will turn all your dead things into live ones”, in apparent reference to Jesus Christ giving thanks over the life of a dead body that received live afterwards.

The event ended with the Bishop dedicating all staff to God as they journey through 2018.

The event was graced with the presence of Board Members, Management, staff and some clients of MGL.

Below are pictures of the event:

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