Majid Michel on Christianity, the Black race and slavery

Majid Michel sheds light on the widespread notion that Christianity is a religion created by the white man to keep the African race in slavery.

According to actor who is now a pastor, the Bible has clearly stated that Christianity is for all mankind regardless of race.

A portion of his sermon he posted on IG read, “The Bible teaches that every man, regardless of race, is born a sinner and will be destroyed in his sins unless he receives Jesus Christ into his heart”.

He criticized the unending debate which in his estimation stir emotions of resentment among many Africans causing many to denounce Christianity and the Bible.

Read his full message in post below:

Christianity? Why? That’s a White man’s religion. i want no part of it! Christianity was given to the Black man to keep him in slavery!

The Bible has been changed and added to by the White man in order to brain-wash the Black man. These are statements that are being made in practically every Black community in America and lots of places in Africa especially with the traditionalists.

The struggle for social equality have become such hot issues that many Blacks can see life only in terms of Black and White.

Many Blacks in their bitterness are denouncing Christianity and the Bible. let’s face the issue head on. This same Bible records these words of God: May all the ends of the earth look to ME and be saved, for I am God and there is no other. Notice that God does not say, look to anyone else but look to HiM.

The Bible teaches us that God has seen fit to manifest himself through his son, Jesus Christ. So then, it is Jesus to whom we are to look, not any person, Black or White.

This word look means to draw all our attention TO. it means that we should surrender even our very lives to God through his son, Jesus Christ. If God demands that we look to his son, Jesus Christ, it means that Christianity is not a religion, but a PERSON!… It is JESUS!… God’s word, the Holy Bible, is telling to look to Jesus and no other. Therefore, those who are attacking Christianity as a White man’s religion are all wrong!

The Holy Bible teaches that Jesus Christ is the only hope, or the only salvation, for any group of people.

The Bible declares, there is salvation in none other, for there is none other name under heaven given among men whereby we can be saved. The Bible teaches us that Jesus died for the sins of the whole world. This passage does not make any mention of Black people or White people. Many Blacks are falling into the same error they are denouncing by creating religions custom made for Black people only. This is not what the Bible, God’s word, says.

The Bible teaches that every man, regardless of race, is born a sinner and will be destroyed in his sins unless he receives Jesus Christ into his heart.


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