China’s devt not threat to any country — Jinping

China’s development does not pose a threat to any country, Chinese President, Xi Jinping has assured. He said his country would never pursue development at the expense of the interests of others, but will never give up on its legitimate rights and interests.

“No matter what stage of development the country reaches, it will never seek hegemony or engage in expansion,” President Jinping assured.

Addressing the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China (CPC) in Beijing, the President noted that China pursued a national defence policy that was defensive in nature.

However, he said “No one should expect China to swallow anything that would undermine the country’s interest.”

The country had actively developed global partnerships and expanded the convergence of interests with other countries.

He stated, adding that China will promote the coordination and cooperation with other major countries and work to build a framework for major country relations, featuring overall stability and balanced development.

“We will deepen relations with our neighbours in accordance with the principle of amity, sincerity, mutual benefit and inclusiveness and the policy of forging friendship and partnership with our neighbours,” he announced.

He said the Chinese government will be guided by the principle of upholding justice, while pursuing shared interests and the priniciple of sincerity, honesty, affinity and good faith, work to strengthen exchanges and cooperation with other developing countries.

The Chinese President said his country will strengthen exchanges and cooperation with the political parties and organisations of other countries.

President Jinping further indicated that the people of China will actively promote international cooperation through the Belt and Road Initiative , hoping to achieve policy, infrastructure, trade, financial, people-to-people connectivity and build a new platform for international cooperation to create new drivers of shared development.

He said China will support multilateral trade regimes and work to facilitate the establishment of free trade areas and build an open world economy.


The President gave an assurance that China stood firm in safeguarding her sovereignty and territorial integrity, and will never allow the historical tragedy of national division to repeat itself.

“Any separatist activity is certain to be met with resolute opposition of the Chinese people,” he assured and said the country had the resolve, the confidence, and the ability to defeat separatist attempts for Taiwan Independence in any form.

“We will never allow anyone, any organisation, or any political party at any time or in any form, to separate any part of the Chinese territory from China,” he stated.

He said they were firm in  their convinction that , as long as all the sons and daughters of the Chinese nation, including their compatriots in Hong-Kong,  Macao and Taiwan, followed the tide of history, work together for the greater national interests, and keep their nation’s destiny firmly in their own hands, they will, without doubt, be able to achieve the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation.

United Nations

The Chinese President assured that China supported the United Nations in playing an active role in international affairs, and supported the efforts of other developing countries to increase their representation and strengthen their voice in international affairs.

“China will continue to play its part as a major and responsible country, take active part in reforming and developing the global governance system, and keep contributing Chinese wisdom and strength to global governance,” he added.

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